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Why Use Linear motors

About Us

Our History

Force Engineering was founded in 1979 to develop and manufacture custom Linear Induction Motors (LIM) and other electro-magnetic and permanent magnet solutions.

The philosophy of the company, from its foundation to the present day, is to provide solutions tailored to the individual requirements of each customer and each application. Bespoke design and manufacture means the optimal solution for every project, with motors and control system working to meet the requirements.

Hundreds of designs have been turned into practical industrial applications, and more than 30,000 LIMs, induction heaters, permanent magnet brakes and other electro-magnetic products have been built with appropriate control equipment and software. Equipment has been supplied globally to most European countries, USA, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Asia, Australia and Japan.

Force Engineering continues to supply equipment to customers of all sizes from leading international corporations, universities and academic institutions to small independent businesses whilst treating each customer equally, providing products and services to meet their needs.

Since it was founded, Force Engineering has grown from occupying a single industrial unit with only the 3 founding partners into a thriving business with a multi-million pound turnover, over 30 employees and a 1500sqm production facility. Production capacity is flexible, being able to cope with manufacture of single prototypes as well as high volumes for large scale installations with motor sizes ranging from 30cm long / 5kg weight to 2.5m long / 750kg weight.