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Why Use Linear motors

Research & Development

As a world leading expert and innovator in the field of Linear Induction Motor (LIM) technology, Force Engineering have been developing and producing novel solutions to meet complex requirements since 1979.

Force Engineering is continually researching and developing new projects both on behalf of our customers and working with some of the most respected pioneers from universities around the world. This continuing program has been immensely successful and resulted in advances in LIMs and control system technology as verified by the publication of academic papers and granting of patents in the field.

Force Engineering employ a wide range of development tools in order to produce the best possible solution to meet your requirements. These tools range from bespoke in-house software, through more complex analytical models, to full 3D Finite Element modelling using leading commercial packages.

With Force Engineering, you can be sure you are receiving the benefits of leading research, vast experience and expertise and innovative technology.