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Why Use Linear motors

Why Use Linear Motors?

Offering precision and accuracy of controlled acceleration and deceleration at exceptional rates with efficiency and economy in maintenance costs, Linear Induction Motors are used in a vast array of diverse applications and industries.

There are several key advantages of using Linear Induction Motors; as the stator and rotor are not in physical contact there is no frictional wear on the motor system, both stator and rotor are solid state with no internal moving parts which combine to give greatly reduced maintenance costs and a long working life. Further advantages include silent operation, compact size, simple and inexpensive control methods and ease of installation.

The flexibility of the technology and the expertise of our engineers mean that Linear Induction Motors are customised to suit each application's requirements. Force Engineering has developed Linear Induction Motors that produce thrust from just a few Newtons to tens of kilonewtons, with inputs from 0.5 amps at 100V single phase to thousands of amps at 660V 3 phase, working at speed ranges from millimeters per second to 100s of metres per second.

Sizes vary from a few square centimetres to many square metres; from a few VA to an experimental unit of 3.5MVA. Offering flexibility to be used in a wide range of challenging projects and applications, this means that Force Engineering has the capability to accurately and precisely move a single steel bar a few millimeters or propel a 7 tonne vehicle from 0-60mph in under 4 seconds.