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motor controls

Linear Induction Motor Control

Power is nothing without control and whether it is for a roller coaster, a public transportation system or an industrial use, projects that require linear motion often have diverse and in many cases complex control requirements. Applications may require very precise speed or positional control, despite wide variations in vehicle total mass. The characteristics of typical low speed Linear Induction Motors are considerably different to the characteristics of typical Squirrel Cage Induction Motors. These differences must be taken into account when choosing a control system.

Force Engineering is experienced with a wide range of control systems, from simple supply switching to advanced inverter control on complex projects and will work to develop a control system that satisfies all your requirements.

Force Engineering designs the control system architecture for each application in conjunction with the customer to either standalone or seamlessly integrate into a larger or existing system. Force will code and supply the custom software required to control the LIM system which enables complete optimisation ensuring maximum performance and efficiency. But if the application requirements change following commissioning then in many cases, the software can be adapted as required.

Force Engineering can also advise on power conditioning equipment to improve system performance and further reduce supply requirements. Rotating machine energy storage systems eliminate the need for the large mains electrical supply required to drive high performance applications allowing for more flexibility with installation.