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Why Use Linear motors

Baggage Handling

Linear Induction Motors from Force Engineering power some of the fastest and most efficient baggage handling systems in the world. Installed at major airports across the globe, including London Heathrow's celebrated Terminal 5 and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Force Engineering powers baggage carts effortlessly along tracks between and around terminals.

These systems have been proven to operate both faster and more efficiently than conventional conveying systems as Linear Induction Motor thrust is continuously monitored and varied by the sophisticated control equipment to achieve the desired speed. So flexible is this technology that track layouts include merges, diverts, inclines, declines and spirals.

LIM systems offer more attractive whole life cost operation than a conventional conveyor due to the reduced power consumption and maintenance coupled with faster and quieter operation. Some large systems run in tunnels connecting satellite terminals to the main terminal eliminating the need for slow and polluting ground traffic.

Heathrow's Terminal 5 alone serves around 30 million passengers a year and has over 5 miles of LIM powered track, which includes two high speed links from the centre hub to the satellite buildings, alongside another 11 miles of standard conveying system.