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Why Use Linear motors

Amusement Rides

Force Engineering is a world leader in supplying accelerated launch systems to the amusement ride industry, helping to push the boundaries for thrill-seekers at theme parks across the globe.

A conventional roller coaster train is hauled slowly to the top of a hill by a chain lift so the train gains potential energy. Once over the brow of the hill the vehicle accelerates downhill under gravity, gaining speed and converting potential energy to kinetic energy but the maximum velocity of the ride is still a function of the height of the hill.

As coaster designers strive for higher speeds and unique elements to continually thrill and amaze riders, Force Engineering can provide Linear Induction Motor systems to provide either horizontal, inclined or vertical launches. Seamless in-ride acceleration or braking at any point along the coaster track is also possible due to the contactless nature of the motor, allowing greater design flexibility and a continually exciting ride experience.

Force Engineering has worked with customers on new ride designs and also integrating LIMs into an existing ride to enhance the thrills and experience. Force Engineering has also been engaged in the complete replacement of intensively maintained mechanical and/or hydraulic launch systems with a contactless linear induction motor system, greatly reducing the maintenance time and costs.