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Why Use Linear motors

Water Rides


In 2005 Force Engineering was asked by ProSlide Technology to create a replacement for the conveyor belt system on their ROCKETâ„¢ rides using the solutions created by Force Engineering for roller coaster launch systems.


The layout of the water flume is similar to a roller coaster with inclines followed by steep declines and bends to provide the exciting ride. A conveyor belt system was used to move the raft up the hill sections before gravity took over on the descents. However the conveyor system worked relatively slowly detracting from the ride experience whilst also requiring continuous maintenance and being a very obvious means of propulsion.

As Linear Induction Motor performance is not affected by the presence of water or magnetically inert materials, Force Engineering was able to design and manufacture a system that not only provided the thrilling propulsion with the required control but remained invisible to the rider, greatly enhancing the ride experience.

The Linear Induction Motors are mounted beneath the ride flume with the reaction plate mounted in the bottom of each raft. The sophisticated control system uses data inputs from the track to control the thrust profile of the Linear Induction Motors as a raft passes over allowing the ride's operators to control the speed of each raft whilst still giving a seamless ride experience.

Force Engineering's innovation enabled them to create suitably wide LIMs to accommodate the various positions that the rafts can take on the flume. The motors are built to IP67 standard ensuring a long working life and resulting in low maintenance requirement in this water soaked environment.

Key Benefits of using Force Engineering's Linear Induction Motor for the project:

  • Exciting ride experience
  • Works much faster than traditional conveyor belt systems
  • Bespoke, real time control
  • Low maintenance
  • Easier installation
  • Cost neutral replacement of the conveyor system
  • High reliability


The technology is now being used across many different rides globally, on the award winning design known as the HydroMAGNETIC ROCKETâ„¢. Each installation of the technology is different and tailored to the design of the particular ride, but each one provides the same reliability and exhilarating ride experience.