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Why Use Linear motors

Public Transport

Reducing congestion and pollution are two of the most pressing issues facing town planners, governments and transport agencies around the world. This desire is balanced against the need to transport people safely and quickly whilst still providing flexibility and ease of access for our ever growing towns and cities.

Linear Induction Motors (LIM) power some of the most exciting and groundbreaking developments in the transportation industry, Personal Rapid Transport (PRT) systems. PRTs provide clean, efficient and proven technology for the transportation of people.

LIMs from Force Engineering offer an optimal solution for PRT systems that require minimal maintenance and due to their solid state construction help to make the system cost effective in the long term.

LIM powered PRTs can safely operate when traditional transport systems are restricted in extreme weather conditions and environments due to the contactless thrust and braking. This also means that individual and system wide vehicle control is consistent and efficient allowing for small headways between vehicles.

Local circulator PRTs can deliver point-to-point transportation at airports, theme parks, university campuses, large conference centres, sporting stadia and shopping complexes. An urban, city wide PRT system can be designed to run separately from existing transport infrastructure or as part of an integrated overall network.

Force Engineering has provided LIMs for two PRT systems currently in operation: