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Why Use Linear motors

Thrill Rides


In 1991, Force Engineering was approached to provide Linear Induction Motor (LIM) technology for use on a thrill ride at a newly planned European park.


Force Engineering developed LIM technology to effectively brake the vehicle's carriages both during and at the end of the ride, and for their movement around in the storage facility. The installation worked perfectly, providing the required braking and drive capability whilst also requiring only minimal maintenance and the supplied motors are still in operation over 20 years later.

After successfully developing the braking system, Force Engineering was asked to design a revolutionary LIM catapult launch system to replace mechanical drives for a leading US amusement ride manufacturer. The new LIM launch changed the future of the amusement ride industry by providing an exhilarating, low maintenance and low energy alternative to the traditional launch systems of rope hauls or tyre drives. Innovative LIM solutions enable roller coaster designers to embrace new and more exciting designs for their rides, using Force Engineering's seamless and highly efficient technology to create spectacular ride experiences.

The contactless technology of LIMs removes the maintenance demands of wear and tear associated with traditional launch systems and with no moving parts, the technology is exceptionally reliable. The use of LIMs allow the vehicle to rapidly accelerate at around 1.2g whilst hitting speeds in excess of 85mph in just a matter of seconds providing an exciting and exhilarating ride. The addition of more LIMs further along the track allows for extra bursts of acceleration or deceleration of the vehicle, giving ride designers much greater scope to make pioneering new thrill rides.

Force Engineering also created the technology powering the first true water coasters. As Linear Induction Motor performance is not affected by the presence of water or magnetically inert materials Force Engineering were able to design and manufacture motors to be placed beneath the ride flume making the propulsion system invisible to the rider further enhancing the ride experience. The motors were manufactured to IP67 standard ensuring that the requirements of a long working life and low maintenance were still possible in this drenched environment.

Key Benefits of using Force Engineering's Linear Induction Motor for the project:

  • No moving parts ensures maximum reliability
  • Provides innovation in the thrill ride industry
  • Rides are more exhilarating and accelerate faster
  • Seamless ride experience
  • Ease of integration
  • Bespoke control
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy efficient solution for ride manufacturers
  • Attractive total cost of ownership


The employment of LIM technology has resulted in more scope for amusement ride manufacturers. The LIM system has created new forms of roller coaster as there are now greater possibilities for acceleration and braking. The technology ensures that maintenance costs are lower than with traditional ride systems and the lack of moving parts also means that reliability is greatly increased providing an attractive total cost of ownership.